The UK Answer to Fair Trade Organizations

Fair Trade FoundationThe Fair Trade Foundation is a UK based charity working to fix the problems with conventional trading practices around the world. One of the most public parts of this organization is the Fairtrade mark it uses to label products produced under their regulations for fair trade. This same mark is also part of fair trade efforts in other countries as well. The Foundation came into existence in 1992 from the efforts of groups such as Christian Aid, OxFam, Traidcraft, and the World Development Movement. Other organizations joined the efforts soon after its founding.

Another mission of the Fair Trade Foundation is offering promotional events designed to bring the fair trade message to the public. This involves organizing local events as well as doing national campaigns such as the Fairtrade fortnight. The Fortnight is an annual event that spans two weeks. Started in 1997 in Scotland, the practice continues in many parts of the world today. Many communities hold fairs, fashion shows, and food tastings involving fair trade products. It raises awareness of the Foundation and its mission as well as promoting individual products.

The Fair Trade Foundation focuses its efforts to make sure producers in developing nations receive sustainable prices to cover their costs as well as giving them a fair profit. This helps smaller scale workers and farmers to receive a living wage that is not battered by lower market prices forced by larger producers. Larger companies can be involved with the fair trade world if their workers have organization and get benefits from the work they do. They do not provide certification to companies with no health or safety standards or those that hire illegal child labor.

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In almost two decades of work, the Fair Trade Foundation has done much to improve public awareness of fair trade practices. The Fairtrade Mark is well recognized in many parts of the UK and the amount of sales in fair-trade goods continues to rise every year. Their standards come with minimums in economic, social and environmental practices. All who hold certification must meet the standards ongoing. They also need to show improvement in all areas over time. The goal of the Foundation is not to undermine the world economy. It is to bring the balance to those that produce with the prices that are on the market. Fair trade benefits everyone. Producers receive a living wage and consumers receive goods made with fair labor practices.

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